Cyber Security

Unless you’ve been living on a commune the past decade, you’ve certainly heard about the ever-growing need for proactive Cybersecurity. Maybe you’ve had antivirus, typically clicked yes when asked to install updates, and your Internet provider gave you a “firewall,” but the days of taking such a passive approach to protecting your company’s data assets are long gone. There are a lot of scary cybercrime statistics, but the one that stands out from the rest is this – 60% of companies that fall victim to cyber-attacks fold within six months. Our mission is to prevent our clients from becoming a part of these statistics.

Cyber Security Assessment Ebook

Does Your Business Need a Cybersecurity Assessment?

Many businesses think they are too small to be a target of cybercriminals. Although, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for everyone. In this eBook, we share the signs that indicate it might be time for your business to have a cybersecurity assessment.

Cyber Security

Hackers target vulnerabilities at each tier of your business, so we implement security tools to mitigate those points of attack. Securing your network, computers, and email is one part of a solid layered security strategy. Beyond that, 24/7 monitoring, end-user training, and compliance auditing are but a few of the strategies implemented to keep your business safe.

Security is not something STG IT simply configures once and counts on forever. Our commitment to continuing education and threat awareness keeps us on top of the continuously evolving cyber security landscape. In turn, you can sleep well at night knowing this side of your business is in good hands.

Personalized IT Support for Your Business

We know that since every business is different, every business needs unique IT solutions—and that includes yours! Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation, personalized assessment.