Mac Network Management

As a Los Angeles based IT Provider, the notion that Apple Mac computers only make up less than 20% of the global marketplace seems almost unbelievable. In fact, nearly all our clients have some Apple devices on their networks. Now while the majority of tasks on a Mac and PC can be accomplished in similar ways, the support and maintenance of either requires a team with a special set of skills. If you’re in need of such a team, your search has ended.

mac network

Evaluating IT Price and Value

We make cost-based decisions every day. Weighing value is more complicated. This eBook explores the importance of balancing price and value to make the best business decisions.

You'll learn:

  • Why our primary focus is on price
  • Why determining value is difficult
  • What these considerations mean to IT decisions and selecting a service provider

Now beyond the standard tools to administer, secure, and maintain your Apple network, with the advent of enhanced security requirements for MacOS, there’s a requirement for Mobile Device Management (MDM). As a Mosyle MDM partner, STG IT has established an expertise in the MDM space and can help you get quickly set up with an effective means of managing your fleet of Apple devices. From procurement, deployment, support and management, if you speak Mac, we speak your language.

So, if your business runs entirely on Apple, Windows, or a little of everything, you need a technology partner that can seamlessly support both. We’ll be the IT partner that ensures your technology just works, regardless of platform.

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