Polls in Microsoft Teams meetings will soon support open-ended questions

Polls in Microsoft Teams meetings will soon support open-ended questions

Microsoft Teams is introducing a new “word cloud” feature to help improve meeting polls. This feature will be available to desktop and mobile users in late September.

Back in November of last year, Microsoft Teams introduced a new polling experience for meetings, which is now available on mobile. Presenters can create multiple-choice polls and quizzes to get instant feedback from attendees. Microsoft Teams’ polling feature will be improved to increase meeting engagement. A new feature called “word cloud polls” will allow presenters to ask open-ended questions to gather participants’ opinions on a specific topic.

Like multiple-choice polling, Microsoft Teams will collect all responses anonymously, so other users won’t be able to identify who submitted a particular word.

Microsoft Teams also plans to add a 2×2 gallery view for meetings viewed in Safari. The 2×2 gallery view can show up to four participant videos during a Teams meeting. This feature will be available in mid-September.

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