Scam artists are recruiting English speakers for business email campaigns

Scam artists are recruiting English speakers for business email campaigns

Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes can be simple to execute and are among the most devastating for a business. A BEC scam will usually start with a phishing email, tailored and customized depending on the victim. Threat actors need to be able to communicate effectively in order to succeed in these endeavors. If they are not fluent in the language a target speaks, this can cause BEC attacks to ultimately fail. ‘Wanted’ adverts have been posted on a popular Russian-speaking cybercriminal forum asking for native English speakers. English speakers are needed to manage email communication that would not raise red flags. If a scam is to succeed, the target employee must believe communication comes from a legitimate source. Secondary language use, spelling mistakes, and grammatical issues could all be indicators that something isn’t right.


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